An Inspiring & Loving Story Of Terry Campie’s Childhood

Whatever we are doing today is a continuous process of what we have learned through our life experiences. A single incident can change everything for us and that’s what happened with Terry Marshall Campie.

In fifth grade, he often wore a tie and nice slacks to pay honor to his teachers. They complimented him on his attire.

At that time in education, they were very open about students’ success. Terry M. Campie recounts the number system for the 4 classes of students his age: 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, and 5-4. And each of these designated the better to worse students by the scores on their report cards. Of course, 5-1 was the ”A” students, and 5-2 the “B” students.

At the beginning of fifth grade, Terry Campie was in the class designated 5-3, yep! The “C” students.

But later that year he was promoted to 5-2.

So the first day in that class he wore his best clothes: a green paisley shirt, green narrow corduroys, and brown saddle shoes. He was told to sit in alphabetical order so he ended up behind Dana Card whose first words to Terry Campie were, “You know wearing those cool clothes doesn’t make you cool!” Terry M. Campie was momentarily crushed. But after a few weeks, he was back to himself and living up by grades to the class of 5-2; Terry Campie had made it!

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