Nee or Knee By Terry Campie

As a Christian, the challenge for me has been choosing between knowing about God and being in relation with God.

Over the last decade, my efforts have largely fallen on the former and neglected the latter. For example, currently, I am reading Watchman Nee’s “The Spiritual Man”. I should say re-reading it because I have read it at least 5 times. Currently, I am studying it weekly with a dear brother over coffee at a local truck stop. And the insight is amazing!

But is insight a relationship? I can stay on task by reading and studying and attending multiple Bible studies weekly. But is that relationship? How do I share what God is teaching me WITH God? Yeah, you know. Through prayer.

So again I dedicate myself to prayer. Today my prayer is Psalm 23. And although I may not be on my knees, it will be in conjunction with Nee! lol.

For now, this is Terry Campie signing off. “The Lord is my shepherd”….what does that really mean?

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