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   If you’re interested in Christianity,  you might consider a study with Terry Campie.  Although Terry Campie never suggests he has new revelation sometimes he has insights helpful to all believers in Jesus Christ….here is one example.

  Today let’s discuss some recent depth the Lord has offered Terry M Campie.  In particular, look at Genesis where God tells Adam not to eat from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. As Terry Campie notes, we Americans  often in error translate “good and evil” into “good and bad.”  But as always is the case Terry M. Campie notes,  the specific words are crucial. God says “evil” not bad. Why? Bad in our culture means some degree below good. Often Terry Campie says we even say, it’s not so bad implying slightly less than good. But, Terry Campie says, “What does God say???” He says good and evil….not degrees of goodness.

Terry Campie

  The distinction Terry M.  Campie insists is vital to our understanding of God. What God says, He means. Evil clearly categorizes, Terry Campie says, whatever the “it” we are discussing; i.e., sin, it is NOT of God. That Terry Campie says necessarily means it is from Satan, the EVIL one!

  Terry Campie says with surprise, “Isn’t that obvious now!?” In God’s lexicon, which Terry Marshall Campie reminds us should be our language, evil means anything NOT of Jesus! There are no degrees,  there are no “less good” acts. Those actions, as Terry M. Campie says, are either good or evil, i.e., either of God or of Satan. 

These action of course hinges on your position in Jesus Christ. If you are in Christ and guaranteed salvation in the Kingdom of God, then your acts are either good or evil, of the Spirit or of the flesh/Satan. However, as Terry M. Campie points out if you are not born again and you do not depend on Jesus for your salvation and your guarantee for eternal life in paradise,  then ALL your deeds are evil.  And the only act you can make that is not evil is a cry to Jesus for that salvation.

Recognizing He IS the only way, the one way to be totally reconciled to the only God. And if you don’t have that security, then all of this writing is superfluous. Amen. Terry M. Campie

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